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Get Air Arabia flights, Air Arabia booking,Air Arabia tickets, Air Arabia, Air Arabia tickets, Air Arabia fares, Air Arabia flight schedule all at one place.

About Air Arabia

Welcome to Air Arabia, the Middle East and North Africa’s first and largest Low Cost Carrier. We fly you to over 170 destinations spread across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. We offer you comfort, reliable and value for money air travel across our network and with our value preposition ,Where Next, we help you to fly more often to more places at your own convenience.


Air Arabia currently operates two aircraft type, the Airbus A320 and A321neo Long Range.

Air Arabia Check-In

  • Air Arabia offers you multiple check-in options that not only save time but are also very convenient to you and your family.
  • Airport check-in: Check-in counters open 3 hours prior to flight departure time and close 1 hour prior to departure time for economy class and 45 minutes prior to departure time for business class. Early check-in is also available in selected airports to make your waiting time at the airport seamless.
  • City check-in (UAE only): Avoid long queues at the airport by availing the city check-in service spread across Sharjah, Dubai and Ras Al Khaima. Check-in your luggage, choose your desired seat, collect your boarding pass at dedicated city terminal counters 24 hours to 4 hours before the flight departure time. Click here to check the locations of our city check-in terminals.
  • Online check-in: Check-in from the convenience of your home by visiting Air Arabia’s website and check-in for your flight online. Print your boarding pass and you are good to go.

Air Arabia Tickets

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Air Arabia Reservations

If you want to make a Air Arabia reservation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to make a reservation easily. We’ll also share tips on getting the best fares and making the most of your travel experience. You can also go through the same and book the best flight as per your convenience.

Air Arabia Cancellation Policy

Today world developments have mostly come as a surprise. Nobody has the ability to predict the future, including our travel intentions. Schedule a vacation with Air Arabia to reduce your stress. For a nominal fee, the airline accepts cancellation requests up until the day of scheduled departure. You may save money on cancellation fees if you follow the Air Arabia flight cancellation policy. Read the following notes to learn more about it:
No need to pay cancellation charges for canceling tickets within a risk-free period.The reservation needs to be made through the official channels. You may need to pay full ticket fare as Arabia flight ticket cancellation fees on bookings that are booked through a third-party agency.
As per the Air Arabia flight cancellation policy, you can not make cancellation requests with promotional tickets.
You will get a full refund as compensation if the scheduled journey is canceled by the airline under any circumstances.
The Air Arabia flight cancellation policy is applicable on both refundable and non-refundable tickets.
Air Arabia does not offer a cancellation facility on flights to or from Morocco. For more clarification, communicate with officials.
The airline offers a range of cancellation request options to make the cancellation procedure more stable. You will be charged a service fee in addition to any cancellation costs if you use offline means.
You can seek a flight cancellation up to one hour before departure, according to the Air Arabia cancellation policy.

Air Arabia Un-Accompanied Minor Policy

Children above the age of 12 years are entitled to travel alone by Air Arabia Unaccompanied Minors Policy, however if your child is under 12 years of age he/she needs to be accompanied by another passenger whose age is at least 16 years old.
An Unaccompanied Minor badge shall be provided in the airport of departure for proper identification together with a special Unaccompanied Minor envelope containing all related travel documents. Unaccompanied minors are required to be physically present at the airport counter in order to check in.
Tickets for Unaccompanied minors cannot be purchased online. Please contact nearest ticket office, global call center in such instances.
Please follow the procedure for Unaccompanied minors at the time of purchase ticket.
Young children traveling without a parent or legal guardian are considered to be Unaccompanied Minors. If you are allowing your child to fly alone as an unaccompanied minor, be sure to take every necessary precaution to ensure his or her safety.

Air Arabia: Types Of Seats

AeroMexico has different types of planes each accommodating premier class seats and coach seats, however some of them have an intermediary class of seats called AeroMexico Plus. Depending on wants and needs AeroMexico can accommodate any type of seat on any trip, the numbers are as follows: • Premier class – 169 seats in total • AeroMexico Plus- 36 seats in total,Coach – 967 seats in total

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What is a TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS exclusive Web fare?

A TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS exclusive web fare is a special discounted fare that is only available on our website.  We search all airlines and all local airports to find you the cheapest web fare possible.   These fares are available only on our website and are not guaranteed until the booking is complete and the ticket is issued. These fares may change at any time. When you search for a flight on our website you can be sure that you will get some of the lowest prices anywhere. Because airlines are always updating their prices and their availability, web fares may not be available for long periods of time. Prices can change in a matter of minutes.                       

We advise you to book the fare as soon as you see it. It may not be available at a later time.

Runway For Booking Air Arabia Flights

We help you make Air Arabia online booking for your single or return journey for business, economy or first class air travel. By entering your debit or credit card details, you may make your booking from the comfort of your home. We also enable you to find out your Air Arabia flight status. All you need are flight or route details.

Popular International Air Arabia Airlines Routes

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Runway For Booking Air Arabia Flights

Q: Does Air Arabia have options for online seat selection?
A: Yes, Air Arabia offers online seat selection at a nominal fee.

Q: Which is the cheapest source city for Air Arabia ?
A: The cheapest source city for Air Arabia is Sharjah.

Q: What is the total number of routes serviced by Air Arabia?
A: The total number of routes serviced by Air Arabia is 8.

Q: Which is the cheapest destination city for Air Arabia?
A: The cheapest destination city for Air Arabia is Mumbai.

Q: What is the cheapest price on flight tickets offered by Air Arabia?
A: The cheapest price on flight tickets offered by Air Arabia is $130-150.

Q: What is the airline code for Air Arabia?
A: The airline code for Air Arabia is G9.

Q: What is the cheapest date to travel by Air Arabia?
A: The cheapest date to travel by Air Arabia is 17 Jan 2023.

Q: How many routes served by Air Arabia in total ?
A: There are around 8 Routes.

Q: Does Air Arabia have any refund policy?
A: No, Air Arabia doesn’t have any refund policy. But the amount will add into your flight credit card and you can use that amount in next flight, it has one-year validity.

Q: Can I take a laptop in my Baggage Allowance?
A: Yes, you can take the laptop in your Baggage Allowance.

Q: What will happen, if my Air Arabia light will cancel?
A: In this case, Air Arabia will arrange another flight for the passengers.

Q: Does Air Arabia offers meals in flight?
A: Yes, Air Arabia offers meals while traveling.

Q: How may I request for extra baggage on Air Arabia?
A: Extra baggage rates shall be paid at the airport office itself, charges may differ depending upon the weight of the luggage.

Q: Can I opt for extra leg space seat in Air Arabia?
A: Yes, you can opt for extra leg space on chargeable basis.

Q: Is web check-in is available on Air Arabia?
A: Yes, Air Arabia provides its customers with the facility of web check-in.

Q: Does Air Arabia provide frequent flyer program?
A: yes, Air Arabia provides frequent flyer program in which you need to join the program free and collect the miles by flying and the benefits of miles can be a free flight or meals or seat selection or baggage allowance or travel insurance or an airport services.

Q: Can I book in Air Arabia flight through an online travel portal?
A: Yes, you can easily book any airline tickets via an online portal. Link for online flight ticket is given on top of the page.

Q: How many routes are operates by Air Arabia?
A: Approximately 110+ routes are operated.

Q: What is considered as group booking?
A: When you and your friends or family members are travelling in a group for any reason via the mode of air transport, you have an option of booking tickets for all of them in one go other than everyone buying for themselves individually. This is called as group booking and is leveraged due to benefits offered with this scheme.

Q: Is it necessary to book a round trip when making a group booking?
A: The purpose of group booking is to provide with company of your preferred ones. You are free to choose when to make that happen as there is no compulsion of round trips.

Q: What if the number of people differs for booking tickets when moving from one place to another and then coming back?
A: If it happens that the number of people at the time of going from place A to B and then coming from B to A are different, then the prices for the bookings will be different. However, if the count of people is less than 10, then the group booking offers will not be applicable for the route as it fails to satisfy the conditions of group booking.

Q: Is web check in an option for group bookings?
A: Yes, that option is available with group bookings. However, the allowed time frame for the same varies among the airlines.

Q: Do all the members of a group booking have the same boarding pass?
A: Every member involved at the time of group booking has their individual boarding pass.

Q: What is the minimum count that qualifies a group for availing group booking offers?
A: It is required that you are at least 10 people including children, to make use of group booking offers.

Q: What are the benefits of group booking?
A: Group booking at its best offers to book tickets for all of the people in a group travelling together at once. No more issues of sitting far away from your best people or booking at different times and travelling separately. Apart from that, you avail discounts and enjoy privileges that are not offered on single bookings.

Q: Can changes be made to the existing/reserved group booking tickets?
A: In case you have made the full payment of the tickets and after that you require making changes then that option is available. However, cancellation or re-scheduling charges will be applicable as per the conditions of the airlines you’ve chosen to travel with at the time of booking.

Q: Can the baggage in group bookings be pooled?
A: Since everyone has a defined baggage limit of their own they are advised to stick to the provided numbers by the travel airline as baggage pooling is not allowed in group bookings.

Q: Will an infant be counted as an adult for a group booking scheme?
A: While making the group booking, only Adult and Child seats are reserved with offered group fare. An infant is not accounted for the fares of an adult.

Q: What if the booking status says failed but payment has been deducted from my account?
A: In case of a payment failure, the deducted amount will be refunded to the same mode of payment chosen at the time of booking within 07 to 11 working days.

Q: Is there any relaxation for the timings of check in with a group booking?
A: Standard check in timings is applicable to group bookings as well henceforth no relaxation with any timings.


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