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Get Air France flights, Air France booking, Air France tickets, Air France, Air France Airline tickets, Air France fares, Air France flight schedule all at one place.

About Air France

French airline Air France (AF) is the country’s flag carrier. Operating from hubs at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) and Paris Orly Airport (ORY), the airline flies to more than 200 destinations. This includes about 35 domestic airports and more than 90 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America.


Air France’s fleet of 234 passenger aircraft consists of both Airbus and Boeing planes with a variety of cabin configurations. Although cabin classes vary by route and plane, the airline offers First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class cabins.

Air France Check-In

  • You can check in online up to 30 hours before your scheduled flight time. You have the option of printing your boarding pass immediately, receiving it by e-mail, by SMS/MMS, or by using a Self-Service Kiosk at the airport.

    • You must check in within 30 minutes-30 hours before your flight is  scheduled to depart. Online check-in requirements vary based on your  destination.
    • You cannot check in online if traveling with a baby.
    • You can check in if your trip includes a layover; but not if you are changing airports during that layover.
    • You cannot check in online if your departure city is one of the  following: Alicante, Bern, Damascus, Genoa Ljubljana, Hanoi, Luxembourg,  Malte, Palma, Seoul, Seville, Verona, Vigo, Helsinki.
    • You cannot check in online a special needs passenger (ie. Unaccompanied Minor).

    Make sure you leave enough time at the airport to get through security.


Air France Tickets

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Air France Reservations

If you want to make a Air France reservation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to make a reservation easily. We’ll also share tips on getting the best fares and making the most of your travel experience. You can also go through the same and book the best flight as per your convenience.

Air France Cancellation Policy

Although booking an airline ticket is straightforward, some travelers are apprehensive about the Air France cancellation policy and processes. As a result, all cancellation information is provided here to help travelers who have made bookings with Air France.
Air France is the primary domestic and international airline in France. If you intend to cancel your Air France flight, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the Air France cancellation policy & return policy.
Passengers who book tickets through airlines have the opportunity to cancel up to 24 hours before their trip. Furthermore, travelers are not charged a cancellation fee if a flight is canceled within 24 hours of purchase. You must also reserve your ticket at least seven days before traveling if you desire to cancel 24 hours in advance. The passenger is liable for paying a cancellation charge if the flight is canceled many hours before departure. Also, depending on the fare type, cancellation costs may differ.
So, here are some pointers to remember to secure a swift travel refund. This article also contains information for travelers who have queries concerning the cancellation process. Passengers must simply choose the flight choice and then the cancellation option to cancel an Air France ticket.

Air France Un-Accompanied Minor Policy

Air France’s Unaccompanied Minor service is known as Kids Solo service. This service is provided to children traveling without a parent or an adult guardian who is 18 years or older.
According to the Air France Unaccompanied Minor policy, the Kids Solo service is available:
At the departure airport, onboard, during connections, and at the destination airport.
On other flights also, such as those operated by HOP, CityJet, Air Corsica and CityJet, and certain partner airlines. For children with reduced mobility or disabilities.

You must receive authorization from the airline before your child can travel.
The child must be traveling on a flight operated by Air France.
The Unaccompanied Minor must be:
Escorted and checked-in by a parent or responsible adult guardian who is at least 18 years old.
Escorted and checked-in by a parent or responsible adult guardian who is at least 18 years old. Met at the destination airport by a person authorized by you to meet the child.
If the Unaccompanied Minor has a disability or any special requirements, the parent or guardian must inform the airline at the time of booking so that necessary arrangements can be made in advance.

Air France: Types Of Seats

Travel with extra leg room, be among the first passengers to exit the aircraft, enjoy the calm environment of a smaller cabin, or reserve a seat with just one neighbor. Discover our Seat Options and choose the seat that is right for you!
Extra Legroom Seats are located in the Economy cabin, in rows with additional space or at emergency exits. These seats are just as comfortable and recline in the same way as other seats in the cabin. The Extra Legroom Seat is available for all flights. The price of this Seat Option varies depending on your destination and travel dates.
Traveling with a companion? You can choose a Duo Seat. This Option guarantees you a seat in a row of 2 on long-haul flights.
For long-haul flights in the Economy cabin, be among the first passengers to exit the aircraft with a Front Section Seat.

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Runway For Booking Air France Tickets

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