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Cancel Aegean Airlines

How to change your flight

  • Go to the official website of Aegean Airlines
  • Navigate to the booking page
  • Login by entering your email ID and password
  • You will notice the change booking option on the “My Booking” section
  • Enter your flight details so that the information can be fetched, press on the “next” button
  • Enter your name, contact information and all the basic details
  • You can now make any change that you wish, make sure if the airline is providing the option to change the name on the ticket or not.
  • Voila! The passengers will then receive a “The change has been made” confirmation on your contact details.

How to cancel your flight

  • Pull up the official website on your laptop or phone browser
  • On the top of the homepage, check the ‘Reservation’ tab and drop-down menu from it
  • From the drop-down you will get ‘Change or View Reservation’ option to click on
  • Enter your booking confirmation number and last name, or frequent flier number to view your booking
  • Now, you get an option to either change or cancel your booking
  • After cancellation of the flight, refund is processed as per the Aegean Airlines guidelines.

How to book in-cabin pet travel?

  • Pets/animals must be booked in advance, through the official digital channels of AEGEAN or through the AEGEAN Call Center.
  • Reservations for pets/animals are accepted on a priority basis as there is a limited number of pets/animals that are allowed to travel on each flight.
  • Connecting flights: To check availability, please call the AEGEAN Call Center before your trip.

How to apply for a refund with Aegean Airlines?

  • Go to the official Aegean Airlines website
  • Make sure you are signed in to your Aegean Airlines account.
  • Look for refund options.
  • Aegean Airlines Refund option should be selected.
  • Specify the information on your ticket.
  • Please upload any Aegean Airlines flight supporting documents that you may have.
  • Confirm by pressing the button.

How to redeem my Aegean Airlines points?

  • Login to your Miles+Bonus account.
  • Select “Claim missing miles” from the ”Claim miles” section.
  • Fill in the relevant flight details and submit.
  • If all the details match up, your missing miles will be credited instantly!

How to communicate with Aegean Airlines?

The Call Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please contact our call center at-1 (833) 732-8158 if you are in possession of a booking reference or ticket number.

How to chat with Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airlines does not offer customer support through live chat.
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