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How do I change my flight?

You only need to make sure you have called on Air Transat’s official customer support number. After that, they’ll make the changes according to your needs in a short period. On the IVR, you need to choose the button “Manage Booking.” 
However, if you want to make the changes online, you must follow the information given below to change Air Transat flight. You’ll be able to make the changes only when you have made the booking through the official website of Transat Airlines. 
          -Get on Air Transat’s official website. 
          -Now you need to choose “Manage Booking.”
          -Once you have selected it, you need to mention the booking details on the new page, like the reference number and the passenger’s name. 
          -That is it. Now you’ll come across your booking. You only need to open the booking, and then you’ll come across the option of changing flights. 

How to get a ticket refund?

  • Go to the official Air Transat website
  • Make sure you are signed in to your Air Transat account.
  • Look for refund options.
  • Air Transat Refund option should be selected.
  • Specify the information on your ticket.
  • Please upload any Air Transat flight supporting documents that you may have.
  • Confirm by pressing the button.

Can I book children' or infants' tickets online?

  • An ‘infant’ is defined as being a minimum of 7 days old and a maximum of 2 years old (less a day)
  • A ‘child’ is someone between the ages of 2 and 11 inclusively.
  • A ‘passenger’ is defined as any person 16 years of age or older.
  • A family booking includes at least one child aged 12 and under and their parents/guardians.

Infants may travel on the lap of a passenger, but there is a maximum of one infant allowed per passenger. Children aged 2 to 11 must have their own seats. It is also worth noting that in the event that an infant turns 2 during the trip, a seat must be purchased for the return flight segment.

How to book ticket for pet travel?

Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. Only one animal per passenger is allowed. It is therefore strongly recommended that passengers book this service in advance. Passengers are not entitled to a carry-on item in addition to the pet in the cabin.

  1. Contact Reservations at least 48 hours prior to travel.
  2. Check in at the ticket counter with your official orders.
  3. Allow extra check-in time (at least 2 hours and no more than 4 hours before your flight)
  4. Complete a checklist with an agent.
  5. Provide a health certificate.

How can I use travel credit?

If you received a travel credit for a cancelled Air Transat flight, you could now redeem it online when booking a new flight.
When prompted for payment at step 3, choose “Use your travel credit” and enter your travel credit number in the field provided.
Your flight travel credit number is a 6-digit alphanumeric code. It can be found on your electronic document.
The amount will automatically be applied to your new booking, and you will receive a confirmation when it’s done. You can then redeem another travel credit or complete your booking.
If the price of your new booking is lower than the amount of your travel credit, the remaining amount will be kept on file for future use. However, if the price of your new booking is higher than the amount of your travel credit, you will have to pay the difference.

How to communicate with Air Transat?

Please contact the call centre at 1-877-872-6728 for assistance with your request.
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