Cancel Brussels Airlines

How do I change my flight?

  • If we are not able to proactively rebook your flight or your alternative flight does not fit into your plans, you can choose an alternative flight yourself.
  • If your flight has been cancelled within two days before departure and an alternative is not possible on the same day,
  • Brussels Airlines will provide you with overnight accommodation or pay a share of the costs.
  • The rebooking must be made before the originally planned travel date and within 12 months from the purchase date of your original ticket.

Go to ​My Booking to change your travel online. You can also use phone call service number if you booked via an (online) travel agency.

How to get a ticket refund?

As travel plans can change unexpectedly, we offer you the possibility to cancel your booking and obtain a refund according to your selected travel fare. If you change your mind up to 24 hours after your online booking, you may even cancel your reservation without penalty. Airline fees, optional payment charges and travel insurance fees remain non-refundable.

Once a refund has been requested, the ticket is no longer valid and rebooking is no longer possible.

Can I book children' or infants' tickets online?

Children between 5 and 11 years may travel alone if they are using our special service or if they are traveling with someone who is at least 12 years old. At the request of the parent(s) or appointed guardian, teenagers between 12 and 18 years can also be looked after. Documents are required to make use of this service:-

  • Valid passport / child’s ID card
  • Recent and easily recognizable portrait picture of your child
  • Visa for the destination country, if applicable
  • Health certification, if required 
  • A completed form* for your child to travel alone 

How to book ticket for pet travel?

Your cat or dog can travel with you during the entire journey. Place your pet inside a kennel upon boarding and keep it under the seat in front of you during the entire flight. You can only release your pet from its kennel in your transit/destination airport.

Travelling with your pet on board is subject to availability and must be booked in advance via our ​Service Centre. Maximum 4 pet containers per aircraft are allowed.

How Do I Use My Brussels Voucher?

With vouchers at hand you can select “voucher” as a payment option when booking a flight on at the “Your payment information” stage. You will then be able to redeem up to three vouchers per booking. These vouchers can be of different types and values.

In case the total amount of the voucher(s) is lower than the grand total of the booking, the difference can be paid by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

In case a complete booking is refunded (subject to the applicable tariff rules), all original form of payments will be re-credited with the respective amounts.

In case not all tickets of a booking are refunded, the following priority (subject to the applicable tariff rules) applies:

1. (If applicable) Refund of the amount paid by card to the card used for the booking (original form of payment).

2. Refund of the redeemed voucher value to the voucher(s) used for the booking. If several vouchers have been used in one booking and not all of them are to be refunded, priority is given to the voucher(s) offering the most favorable conditions.

How to communicate with Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines is committed to providing each of its passengers with the highest level of customer service.  In accordance with DOT’s Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections rule, we will provide the following services to our customers on all of our scheduled and charter flights to and from the United States: If you have a question about an upcoming flight, please call us in the United States at ​866-308-2230.

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