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Cancel Egypt Air

How to change your flight

  • Visit the official website of Egyptair or the website you used for bookings.
  • Login to your account and click on the ‘My Booking’ tab.
  • Enter the booking reference no. and the last name of the passenger.
  • After having your ticket which is going to change is retrieved you select the new destination or time for a change.
  • If the booking is available on your wish or rescheduling plan then continue with the change tab.
  • Then pay for your new bookings, the price may vary for a new booking then pay for it.
  • You’ll get confirmation mail after rebooking your new flight.
  • They retrieve your tickets and check for the change is eligible or not on your tickets.
  • Representative give all details of rescheduling date with availability of seats which is suitable for you then ask for payments.

How to cancel your flight

Procedure to Cancel Egyptair Flight Online

  • First off, open a web browser.
  • Now you will have to visit the official website of the airline on the browser page.
  • Next, from the top corner page, click on the login tab.
  • Within there enter your user ID & passwordNow click on my trip section.
  • After that, use the reservation code & last name of the passenger.
  • Now you will have to select your flight ticket & fill refund form by entering flight date, flight number, departure city & destination city with a selection of appropriate cancellation reason.
  • Next, provide contact details of the passenger within the detailed box with the full name of the passenger, email address & contact number, etc.
  • Now you will have to pay the cancellation flight fee. After this, you will submit the refund request application.
  • In the end, the airline will send you a confirmation mail on your registered mobile number & email ID after you complete the cancellation process.

How to book in-cabin pet travel?

Only 2 animals are accepted in each class in the cabin with Egyptair, so passengers planning on traveling with a pet should contact the Reservations Department well in advance of their departure date.

Your pet can travel with you in the cabin if the combined weight of the animal and carrier does not exceed 17 lbs (8 kg). Only 1 pet is allowed in each carrier and each passenger is permitted to bring 1 carrier on board. Animals weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg) are charged the usual excess baggage fee, except on flights to/from Canada and the USA where the fee is 150% of the excess baggage fee. This fee is between $30-300 depending on the destination of your travel.

How to apply for a refund with Egypt Air?

Now you can know how to get a refund on all the tickets. Below are the EgyptAir Airline refund policy steps:

  • Go to the official EgyptAir Airline website
  • Make sure you are signed in to your EgyptAir Airline account.
  • Look for refund options.
  • EgyptAir Airline Refund option should be selected.
  • Specify the information on your ticket.
  • Please upload any EgyptAir Airline flight supporting documents that you may have.
  • Confirm by pressing the button.


How to redeem my Egypt Air points?

You can redeem your miles against issuing a Reward Ticket/ Reward Upgrade/Excess Baggage either online through or directly with EGYPTAIR Worldwide sales offices/General Sales Agent (GSA)/EGYPTAIR Call Center.

How to communicate with Egypt Air?

For all other changes, including destination, changes for unaccompanied minors or in the case that changes are not required for all passengers, please contact nearest EGYPTAIR office or EGYPTAIR call center at 090070000 from any landline.

How to chat with Egypt Air?

Egypt Air does not offer customer support through live chat.

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