Cancel Iceland Air

How to change your flight

  • Visit the Icelandair site and enter your booking account.
  • Now select the option Manage my trip.
  • Also, enter your flight details to retrieve it.
  • After selecting the individual flight, click the corresponding button to make the changes.
  • If there is any balance left, pay it online.
  • Here with these simple steps, one can modify the travel details conveniently.

How to cancel your flight

  • To begin, go to the booking tab and click the login option, then enter your valid email address and password.
  • Contact customer support if you need to cancel an airline ticket and move on to the next one.
  • Proceed to the next step by selecting the flight and its name and number from the booking area.
  • Click the cancel and continue buttons to follow the on-screen directions quickly.
  • Select the flight return option and provide your bank information if you are qualified to request a refund.
  • You can request a refund under the cancellation policy and expect it to arrive at your bank within 24 hours.
  • If you do not receive a refund, you must pick another alternative, such as customer representative service, which assists in providing you with accurate information on time.

Can you bring dogs on Icelandair?

We only accept animals in IATA-approved crates. Maximum crate dimensions are 36 in/92 cm (length) x 25 in/64 cm (width) x 27 in/71 cm (height). The combined weight of an animal and its crate may not exceed 88 lb/40 kg. Icelandair cannot accept animals in the hold if another carrier is operating part of the route.

How to apply for a refund with Iceland Air?

Now you can know how to get a refund on all the tickets. Below are the Icelandair refund policy steps:

  • Go to the official Icelandair website
  • Make sure you are signed in to your Icelandair account.
  • Look for refund options.
  • Icelandair Refund option should be selected.
  • Specify the information on your ticket.
  • Please upload any Icelandair flight supporting documents that you may have.
  • Confirm by pressing the button.

How do you use your points on Icelandair?

  • Use Saga Points as a paying method.
  • Use the amount of Points you wish.
  • Pay for a part of the airfare or for the whole fare.
  • Pay taxes and fees with Points.
  • Earn Points while using Points.
  • Choose any flight, any seat, any time.

How to communicate with Iceland Air?

Get in touch with us or explore the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Call us at +1 (800) 223-5500.

How to chat with Iceland Air?

Iceland Air offer customer support through live chat.
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