Cancel Virgin America Airline

How to change your flight

  • Firstly. You have to visit Virgin Airlines’ official site
  • Then, go to the menu option.
  • Select on manage my bookings tab.
  • Enter your booking reference code.
  • You might have to fill in your last name.
  • Now select the booking that you need to make changes to.
  • Then you can make the changes in the ticket shown on your screen.
  • Finally, confirm the changes made to your booking and then submit.
  • At checkout, you will have to make the payment for making changes to your reservation.
  • lBefore you leave, kindly check and confirm your details on the fresh ticket. However, you will get a copy. You will likewise get an affirmation on your email or telephone.

How to cancel your flight

 1: Visit Virgin Atlantic’s main website.
 2: Select “My booking”.
 3: Enter your surname and booking number.
 4: Choose the booking that you want to cancel from the list of booked flights.

How to book in-cabin pet travel?

Advance arrangements are required when booking an in-cabin pet. You can include a pet in your reservation online or by calling United Reservations.
When you request an in-cabin booking for your pet, the Flight Search results you are viewing are based on the in-cabin pet policy. You will be notified if in-cabin pets are not allowed in all segments of your itinerary.
In-cabin travel for pets is booked on a space-available basis. Pets without reserved space will be accepted only if there is space available after pets with reserved space have been accommodated.

How to apply for a refund with Virgin America Airline?

Yes, if your ticket or booking cancels through the Virgin Atlantic flight then, you can request a refund. However, for requesting to get back your refund, you must fill out the Virgin refund request form to get it. In addition, your Virgin refund request is only in line with the process when you are eligible for it. For that, you must know about the terms and conditions of the refund from Virgin Atlantic.

How to redeem my Virgin America Airline points?

  1.  Log in to your account
  2.  Search for award space
  3.  Pick a date
  4.  Pick a flight
  5.  Pay and book

How to communicate with Virgin America Airline?

The number is Virgin Atlantic Customer Centre +1 800 862 8621. Dial the number on your phone or through an app like Skype to access the airline’s automated customer service system.

How to chat with Virgin America Airline?

Virgin America Airline does not offer customer support through live chat.
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