Privacy Policy

Travelwithflights is an online travel, accommodation, and allied reservation service provider for its customers and agents (“End Users”). Travelwithflights owns and operates the websites, (collectively the Websites). The Websites enable End Users to make travel and accommodation related bookings and reservations. For providing the Services (as defined herein) Travelwithflights has entered into contracts/arrangements with various holiday, hotel, and transport service providers (“Third Party Service Providers”).

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes Travelwithflights‘s policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of the information provided by End Users and the Visitors (as defined herein) of the Websites. Travelwithflights shall not use the Users’ information in any manner except as provided under this Privacy Policy. Every User who accesses or uses the Websites shall be bound by this Privacy Policy.

Note: If the users or visitors are of European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, then Privacy Policy as per EU General Data Protection Regulation shall apply.

Personal Information

“Personal Information” is defined under the SPI Rules to mean any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person.
The SPI Rules further define “Sensitive Personal Data or Information” of a person to mean Personal Information about that person relating to:
Financial information such as bank accounts, credit and debit card details or other payment instrument details;
Physical, physiological and mental health condition;
Sexual orientation;
Medical records and history;
Biometric information;
Information received by body corporates under lawful contract or otherwise;
User details as provided at the time of registration or thereafter; and Call data records.
Information that is freely available in the public domain or accessible under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law will not be regarded as Sensitive Personal Data or Information.

Where does TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS store my information?

The information we collect from you is stored on secure servers in different locations around the world. However, personal information that we collect from you is stored exclusively on servers in the country from which you access the website, if required by law. Regardless of location, we ensure that appropriate technical and organizational measures are in place to ensure the security of the information we store on our servers.

Does TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS use cookies or other tracking tools?

We use a combination of cookies and similar tracking technologies (e.g. on mobile devices we use non-permanent device number techniques such as IDFA and Android Advertising) to provide non-personal information from you in accordance with this policy your use of the website. Please read our cookie policy for more detailed information on how the website uses these technologies. As described above, third-party advertisers, using cookies and similar technologies, also collect non-personal information from you in order to provide you with relevant advertising both through the website and on other third-party platforms. when you are on any device on the Internet. You can control the application of these technologies through the settings in your browser or mobile operating system. For more information and information about your choices, visit the Network Advertising Initiative website.

Do third-party platforms comply with this policy?

The website contains links to third-party websites and applications and may allow you the option to export information about such platforms. Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for the privacy practices on such third-party websites. If you leave or otherwise stop using the Website, or if you transfer your information from the website to a third-party platform, we recommend that you read the applicable privacy policies of any third-party platform you have collection of information about you.
Does TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS collect information about children?
The website is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

How can I access or manage my personal information?

If you have created an account with TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS, you can manage some of your personal data and subscription settings via your profile settings. You are also entitled at any time to ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes. You can exercise this right at any time by contacting us (contact sh imprint). You can also refuse to receive unnecessary emails, including marketing emails, by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such emails. We are always happy to provide you with information about the personal

information we store from you. If you would like to make such a request, please do so in writing with proof of identity to TRAVELWITHFLIGHTS.
There are a number of helpful tools and resources that you can use to control your privacy online, such as your online choices or the Network Advertising Initiative. In particular, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the privacy features and settings of your browser.

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