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Terms and conditions are important to look forward to more and essential detailing about our site. By accessing our TravelWithFlights portal, you can come up with all the rules that are needed to abide by. In case your will is not to follow these terms and conditions, kindly do not download any material or the necessary detail from the site.

Terminal Scope

The listed below terms and conditions apply to the services, material along with all the resources that are enlisted in the TravelWithFlights site. For all the services related to flight booking, graphics act as a tool on our site. The booking or the pre-booking schedule is carried in the activity or the specific terms of the services. We list up the promo code along with the payment performance that needs to add up in the general content which can be used.

Web portal Permit

Our major and the lined up focus is to make the digital property available on the net to all the clients so that they can make the selection collectively from different domains may it be domestic or international. Booking on ways with the flight trip to the destination of your choice is what we focus all about. So, go through all the detailing carefully so as to make our work more clearly in all the visions possible.

Our lined up focus will be on to make you aware of the Privacy Policy that can help in protecting the practices. The continued usage of our web portal will make you accept the terms and conditions without your consent.

Our reservation of the rights to make the best choice of the Terms with the prior notice is laid up. The Terms that are amended can be effective automatically and be updated in accordance to the site. Make sure to get back to our page so as to review the Terms & Conditions carefully.


All the statements that are carried in the Terms & Conditions carry all our affiliates along with the parent organizations along with the disclaimers.

General detailing

TravelWithFlights does not offer you the flight service, but it makes sure that the client gets the best deal with their ticket. We make an apt arrangement to shield the interest at the lowest guarantee. Our site helps in comparing the flight along with the services that one is going to avail of. From date, time to the availability of the flight we have the best for the clients.

The discount is offered at a great peak under our support. We can help in booking the reservations along with the contract to the site which can be chosen accordingly. We help in managing the flight according to the total price, fees along with extra charges.

Safety with Shopping

We are here to exercise reasonable measures along with the viable measures at the commercial, technical, and administrative level so as to arrange and secure the personal details. Moreover, we understand and agree with no transmission or the stages system by adding 100% security. Our team is present round the clock so that you can reach us at any point in time.

Ticket entitled support

You can get to our site and avail of information about booking the domestic or international flights. If you are booking the flight online or through the phone, our experts might pile up the essential data that carries the personal information and the payment information regarding the airline's guidelines.

Some added details required is your name if traveling along with the passenger he is traveling with you. Carrying a valid ID with the picture is important which has been issued by the government.

In case you want to travel internationally, we would be requiring the particulars that are mentioned in the passport of an individual. All the information that will be provided should be correct in case of getting it checked. Make sure that the payment related to the ticket is completed through debit or credit card. In case you are not the cardholder, kindly take the authorization from the cardholder before making the payment.

If there is a confirmation in the booking, the payment is debited to the card and it is sent to the confirmation invoice. If there is an error on the ticket you will be receiving the report on the same day. If there is an airfare happening you will be processing the request along with the collections with the card details along with the feeding information in the booking form.

Low Guarantee

We help in committing the lowest airfare against the kind of flight booking. Our support is offered with the best effort along with the flight availability of the flights carrying the lowest airfares. We make sure to embrace the right approach inconsistency with the claim. In case you are looking for the same flight ticket or the third party ticket, all you need to do is raise the cancellation request, and will do the best for you. All the requests need to get accompanied by the documents that are required. In the case of the flight ticket, we end up saying the departure along with the arrival airlines, class along with the dates.

Billing and Credit card Decline

You are suggested to make the payment against the flight booking with the help of the creditor, the debit card from the minor banks within North America or any other country. Moreover, if the payment is charged more, all you need to do is contact the travel consultant. We will address the concerns in the highest priority. In case the credit card declines you will be intimated with the same over email or the phone. There might be different reasons for the payment decline which can be explained by the bank only. Once the booking is confirmed from our service provider will be offered the complete confirmation for the same information.

Policies for Infant/ Unaccompanied Minors

The children who are two years old might need permission in case they need to get through the flight. Infant fare is applied for the children above two years that are going to be charged by the airlines. Together with one adult, it is recommended to take along with only one infant.

The unaccompanied minors are not provided with the tickets. All the airlines are having their own set of policies along with the rules. So, make sure to confirm the details directly or indirectly from the airlines.

Detailing for Passport and visa

If you are planning to visit abroad, it is important to have a visa if you are thinking of visiting a foreign country. Our site has no required details for you to enter in the foreign. Even we are not responsible if your entity gets denied in terms of any paper or the document issue.

Abolition Policy

We request you to cancel the ticket within 24 hours if you are willing to avail the entire refund. Our site TravelWithFlights permits you to pay around 90% of the complete payment. All the services associated with the travel reservations are not to get refunded.

There are certainly lined up flights that are not refunded after 24 hours carrying up with the guidelines of the airlines. That is why you are requested to read the details and raise the request on a prior basis. The credits are lined up in your card that can be used within a time slot of a year. Regardless of it you can come up with all the required information from our officials or can contact us.

The rules of the cancellation are set to be maintained in case if: 1.If the cancellation is not provided by the airline along with no refund policy.
2.If you become a no show passenger to the company.

TravelWithFlights will be placing the request on your behalf in such a case. But we do not apply for any claim related to the acceptance or the approval of the flight supplier. We are having little or no concern with the processing or the airline waiver. But make a note that no commitment for the period of the cancellation is carried away. All the airlines are having their own set of rules that are carried accordingly. In case you require the request for a complaint, make sure to get in touch with our team of officials who are round the clock present for you. They will help in offering you the detailed information required on a different and important point of action.

Every supplier charges the penalty in case an individual is here to cancel the flight. Different levels of the target are set in case a refund is to be made. It takes around 60 to 90 days from the date the request is made. Even we are liable to offer you a special discount in case of a natural disaster or the visually Impaired.


The cancellation of the flight is out of our control. Some of the disparities might carry with the terms and conditions in different airlines. Some of them lined-up changes are from the flight number change along with the routine or the date changes.

All the airlines inform about the changes in advance, but there might be some of the rare chances in which the immediate changes are to be made.

1. In case of high level in the travel seasons
2. In case of the low travel
3. Flue cost
4. Airport gate changes
5. Civil unrest
6. Bankrupts
7. Natural calamity

TravelWithFlights does not hold any liability for the cancellation or the postponement of the flight in any such scenarios.


TravelWithFlights makes sure to keep you informed about the flight schedule changes if any so that the plan can be made in such a situation. We do not offer you any guarantee. In case there is no claim of any guarantee you can get in touch with our experts who can help you with the same.


It is recommended to reach 4 hours prior to the timing of the flight. There might be an adoption of the Omni channels of communication through SMS or Email. If one wishes to get the changes in the flight reaching before 4 hours is a must because after that time, there will be no cancellation or no refund will be initiated.

If a person has booked the flight 7 days before the flight departure, then the reservation or the rejection of the ticket cannot be confirmed. The date of the departure might get changed by the airlines due to reasons like natural calamity or the security risk factor related to climate change. So make sure that one should stay up to date with the flight detailing.



All the information along with the offers contained in the site along with the links and graphics as provided as in available bais. TravelWithFlights carries no warranty or any representation with any other person or any timeline or any particular purpose. We add no neglect and shall not be liable for any loss of information along with the details of the site. All our providers are not liable for injuries, claim or damage with any direct or indirect kind of damage that includes lost saving, strict liability, and the tort. There shall be no aggregate liability with the distributors or might exceed total charges.

Any claim or of the cause of action relating to the use of or the purchase of services or products from our site within 180 days from date of purchase can be a claim or accrued was completed.


The detail or the information present on the site carries with all the graphics along with the other material on as “IS” to our site. We at TravelWithFlights do not claim any warranty or express any implementation with the result or the timeliness, merchantability, and completeness carrying along with the deadline or trade. With complete respect to our site, we offer you the worthy material along with the services and product and the reliable information possible.

We are not in the hold of any circumstance with the injury or the damage or the product claim.

Our site serves as an intermediary along with the brokerage agent for the complete service provider of the flight service as the airlines. Your use of the complete site is at your risk as we hold no responsibility at any cost.


By getting on the site you agree to the claim mentioned in the TravelWithFlights. All the directors, agents, managers, or contractors agree to the affiliations, subsidiaries of our site.

1. Any of the loss to the property or the injury to the person can be the reason for a defect or the wrongful act of the failure of the performance of the supplier.
2. Any of the detailed departure or the substitution of the accommodations of the changes in rates or the fares may not be held responsible.
3. Any of the cancellations or the double reservation of the booking ticket is not in control of our site.

You get to confirm with the indemnify TravelWithFlights directors, agents, licensors, suppliers along with any kind of third party site which might be harmless from against the agent or any claim of action.

1. Liability described on you or on your behalf can be provided that the limitations of the liability are permitted by the residence of state.
2. Breaching to the terms and conditions of the state by offering with all the referred documents that might be important for the person.

Delighting the clients along with a focus on their requirements is what TravelWithFlights thinks about. We are very much concerned about the needs and deeds of the client that is going to give away with the best support round the clock.

In case of any support feel free to call us at 1-(844) 249-1849 or can email us at support@TravelWithFlights.com


All the claims will end up getting resolved with binding arbitration through AAA known as American Arbitration Association. All the small claims or the courts or the other piled up claims are having the jurisdictional limitation of around $ 5,000 or might get less excluding the cost of the attorney fees. Arbitration is considered more informal as compared to the lawsuit in the court. Their away is very limited and helps in converting some of the terms and conditions.

AAA holds the arbitrations carrying some set of rules and regulations. Payment fill or the administration support is been made up with the conduct of the telephone. They help in providing with the applicable substantive law with carrying authorised terms and conditions together.

ACT : AAA and the other parties must follow the set of rules that shall be conducted by any single arbitrator approval of the affiliation otherwise.

Agreed with the location or the selection by the arbitrator is reasonably convenient with all the parties.

1. All the parties might elect to participate in the hearing by the phone unless decided otherwise.
2. Arbitrator might not award any.
3. Punitive or the damages are permitted by the statute along with the parties of waive.

The arbitrator might decide with the relating issue with the scope or the enforceability of the Mandatory arbitration provision, along with the jurisdiction to decide.


All the claims that are bright to us will get resolved with the complete set of actions. The claims are filed with the note with the support of the section that might be improperly filed.


You completely agree and understand the services of the travel that is mentioned on our site and might go through any activity that ends up creating trouble for the site. It is suggested that one should not use the site for commercial purposes as it can create a big loss. Do not come across the copyright issue of the content along with the information which has been mentioned on the site. Add on the bypassing circumventing along with other measures that can help in adding up the limitation. Do not use the software or the divide that might cause trouble to the interface or be an issue with the normal operation of the site.


The material is available on the web portal carried along with the logos, texts, and design, and pictures along with the section of arrangement are the proprietary property of our site the entire copyrights are protected.

In case of a clarification or any concern, get in touch with us to gather the more required information.

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